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CPMA Science and Technology Award

The “CPMA Science and Technology Award” is the first science and technology award in the field of public health and preventive medicine approved by the National Office for Science and Technology Awards in 2006. The award is evaluated and awarded every two years. Since the first awards in 2007, “CPMA Science and Technology Award” has been evaluated 8 times, 311 scientific research projects have won the first prize, the second prize and the third prize respectively and 3 popular science publications won the popular science prize.

The “CPMA Science and Technology Award” accepts recommendations from colleges and universities, scientific research, prevention and medical institutions at all levels, relevant enterprises and social organizations, provincial preventive medicine associations, as well as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The evaluation of the “CPMA Science and Technology Award” adopts the preliminary evaluation and final evaluation system, and the results of the formal review and preliminary evaluation will be publicized to the public. The winning project will be awarded the certificate and bonus of “CPMA Science and Technology Award”. Since 2019, the “CPMA Science and Technology Award” has conducted the selection of science and technology awards and popular science awards at the same time.

Since its establishment 15 years ago, the Science and Technology Award has always adhered to the principles of openness, justice and fairness, adhered to the established evaluation process and strict evaluation criteria, and awarded a large number of outstanding scientific research achievements. At present, the award has not only been recognized by the majority of public health and preventive medicine professionals, but also has become one of the three science and technology awards recognized in the special selection of professional and technical titles in the field of health and family planning.

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